Demo Reel –

PLANTPURE NATION (educational series)_____________________Nine Times Entertainment 2020

THE TRAYVON HOAX (documentary) Highway 61 Entertainment 2019

WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE (dramatic film) Benoit Clair Productions 2019

BEHIND THE SPOTLIGHT (entertainment) Jane Wu Entertainment 2018

WINTER OLYMPICS 2018 (sports) Olympic Channel Uproxx Entertainment 2017

TOP GOLF (sports) INE Entertainment 2017

EVAN SAYET- A DEPORABLE MIND (stand-up comedy) Chetwynd Production 2017

THE HOMELESS DETECTIVE (comedy short) Sometimes Jones Prods. 2016

FOOD PARADISE (food/travel) Travel Channel O’Malley Prods. 2015

HOW TO BECOME AN OUTLAW (comedy) Sometimes Jones Prods. 2015

THE WILLIAM SHATNER PROJECT (home make over show) DIY Scott Sternberg Prods. 2015

THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE UTOPIA (documentary) Highway 61 Entertainment 2014

LARRY HANKIN – STREET STORIES (stand-up comedy) Sometimes Jones Prods. 2014

BAR RESCUE (reality make over show) SpikeTV Eyeworks 2013

KILLER KIDS (crime re-enactment series) BIO 44 Blue Productions 2012

DREAMS FROM MY REAL FATHER (documentary) Highway 61 Entertainment 2012

AMERICA NOW (news series) Syndicated ITV 2012

ELVIS FOUND ALIVE (documentary) Highway 61 Entertainment 2012

THE HOMELESS MOVIES OF EMMETT DEEMUS (comedy) Sometimes Jones Prods. 2011

BOB DYLAN REVEALED (documentary) Highway 61 Entertainment 2011

MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE (concert video) Voiceplate Productions 2010

Published by Atomic Post

Paul Belanger is a video Editor in Santa Monica, California.

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